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Many have asked us how we keep our prices so low! Well, to put it simply, we don’t have to maintain office buildings nor do we have more staff than we need. We have assembled a small, lean team of experts to work with us. Instead of owning and maintaining giant printing presses, we use Amazon's Kindle to print your book. This enables us to keep our prices affordable without compromising on professional design. We can publish most books for only $700! This includes formatting, cover design, interior design, author support, and setting your Kindle accounts. We also design a professional Kindle eBook version of your book FREE of charge. (This will save you $2,000!).

If you want social media banners to increase your market exposure, we can also do that for you for FREE! Who can beat a deal like that?

Special Note: We must see your complete book beforehand to give you a precise quote. Each book is different and the needs will vary. Editing is not included in this special price, although we do have experienced, professional editors on staff that can assist you for a FRACTION of what you would pay elsewhere.