How much should I expect to pay to have my book published?

We can publish most books for only $700! That includes formatting, cover design, interior design, author support, and setting up your Kindle paperback and Kindle eBook accounts. We can also design a professional Kindle eBook version of your book FREE of charge, which will save you $2,000!

If you would like social media banners to increase your book’s publicity, we can also do that for you for FREE! Who can beat that? Most companies charge $5,000 or more per book and they charge extra for any additional services, no matter how small! Even smaller unknown companies will charge you $3,000 or more, AND charge you double for a Kindle eBook version.

Special Note: We must see your completed book beforehand in order to give you a precise quote. Every book is different and the needs will vary. Note that editing is not included in this special price, although we do have experienced, professional editors on staff to assist you for a FRACTION of what you would pay elsewhere.


Do you recommend that my book should be edited?

Professional editing is undoubtedly the best tool authors can use to get their work successfully published and improve the possibility of it being widely acclaimed. Our seasoned team of professionals uses the Chicago Manual of Style (currently 17th ed.) or the Associated Press Stylebook, depending on the need.

It is essential to budget for editing because a lack of editing will be instantly evident and will make or break the success of the book, no matter how gifted the writer is.

This fact never changes: you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Another little known fact is that it actually takes four to five professional editors and proofreaders to catch every mistake at a traditional publishing house. Our team will evaluate your work to determine the level of editing necessary to present your work in its very best light, so that it rises above the rest, and is something you can be proud of.

Our experience shows that your work must be polished and professional to be successful, or you will have wasted your time and money. Strong, qualitative editing can take your draft and turn it into a classy and long-awaited treasure.

Editing is a “white-box” process, as there is transparency and a constant give-and-take collaboration between the author and editor that emphasizes communication and works towards releasing a top-quality product.

You, the author, always have the final say regarding any editorial suggestions. Absolutely nothing goes to press without your written approval.

We feel so strongly about the inclusion of our editing services that we automatically mention it in our contracts. Though it is optional, we hope you see that this service is critical for your book’s success.


I don’t know what to do with the back cover.

Imagine patrons going into any bookstore without being sure what they’re looking for, except that they want something “interesting.” Now, picture the potential buyer browsing through shelf after shelf of books, and one title catches their eye, so they pull it out for a closer look. They will first study the cover, usually the appealing artwork, and then automatically turn it over to read the back cover. This will ultimately either convince them that this is the book they’ve been searching for, or they put it back on the shelf.

A strong back cover seals the deal and is the best advertisement for your book. There are no rules for building your back cover. If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry because our talented cover design team can help you develop a back cover that sells not only your reader, but you as well.


Should I copyright my manuscript? If so, how do I do that?

If you wrote your manuscript with original material, it’s already copyrighted under the Copyright Act. That little fact offers a degree of legal protection against infringement of your material in most of the industrialized world.

However, it does not guarantee against infringement. If that happens, it falls to the author to pursue it through legal channels.

Registering your copyright provides a far greater degree of protection against infringement or others using your work without permission. We’re happy to provide that registration in the author’s name as part of our publishing service. The material is yours alone, and so are the rights to the material.

How should I price my book--both the physical and the electronic copies?

It will take a little research to discover the answer to this question. Fortunately, online retail stores simplify this step for us. Locate similar books, both physical and e-copies, and compare prices. Simple, right? We don’t stop there. We dig deeper, building a sizeable sampling from which to determine a viable price range that is attractive to consumers. We factor in profit formulae to optimize your earnings, without hurting sales with prohibitive pricing.


Do you specialize in any particular genre?

Absolutely! We are a faith-based organization specializing in anointed, presence-driven material. Anything contrary to a Christian worldview and Scripture will not be accepted. Other material will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email us for more information.


How do I submit my manuscript for review?

You can include it as an attachment in a email to us.

Please ensure that your material is in MS Word format (.doc or .docx). If your work is very large, you may need to send it by zip file. If that is the case, please let us know what zip tool was used. An alternative is to upload your work to Google Docs and email the link to us (along with permissions). When we successfully receive your material in its entirety, you will get a confirmation email from us right away.


If chosen for publication, where will my book be sold?

Amazon's Kindle is our printer of choice. Your digital material will be available at Barnes & Noble online, and we’ll place the Amazon link to your material on our website.


What formats (sizes) can you print?

This is one reason why we use Kindle. They rarely say “no” when it comes to the variety of printing options and features used in production.


How much can I expect to make from each book sale?

Here’s a great resource for understanding how Kindle breaks down Royalties.

Click Here


I have already self-published or published with another company. Can you still help?

Re-publishing is not as daunting as it sounds. Shoot us an email and let’s talk about it.


Does it cost anything to submit my manuscript?

Not at all! We’ll review your material and if we think it’s a GO, our email reply will include a contract that lays out projected publishing costs for you.

If you agree to the quoted fees and want to get your book to market, please know that we are excited and grateful to assist you on your publishing journey.

If not, that’s okay too; we’re not going to charge you anything.


How long does it take to publish my book?

There are some variables in getting your book to market, but it typically takes about three months.

(Psst…we’re quicker than most others though!)