You may have written amazing content. The pages may almost turn themselves it’s that good! But, how does your reader respond when something in the material is even a little off? Maybe the punctuation is inconsistent, or there’s a grammar issue, a typo, or a misspelled word.

At that instant, the reader’s opinion of the author can plummet. How can that be when the material is so powerful? In that reader’s mind, all this amazing material isn’t quite so amazing anymore. It’s flawed, which diminishes the value of the work in that reader’s mind. What are the chances they will buy that author’s next book based on that single experience? If the book is mentioned during coffee break at work, will that reader recommend it? Probably not. In fact, it’s said that most of us have a circle of 250 friends we influence when the opportunity presents itself in that regard.

Now, ask yourself if a gifted professional editor is “worth it.”

To maximize the success of your book, you need a rock star editor; someone with the literary credentials and the experience to spot the blunders that every writer makes (and often miss in their own proofing.) 

Well, we’ve got all that and more. Our editors have been trained to spot issues of all kinds and have helped thousands of books get to market successfully.

Our editors can be your best friends in terms of transforming your work into a polished, successful book that sells! Believe me, this is money well spent, but with our team, you’ll spend less than you would with someone else.

You should also know that successfully editing a book is a hugely collaborative effort where you and your editor work together to polish your writing. Once that process is done, your work will be “typeset” and ready to go to press. Now, THAT’S exciting!

When you acquire our editing services, you’ll get:

·      A seasoned, veteran professional editor with countless proven book successes

·      An English language expert with the literary credentials to back that claim

·      A well-published author who knows what it takes to create a successful book

·      Great Return on Investment through value-added services

·      Rapid turnaround and fast communications

·      Thorough and full proofreading

·      A chance to relax and ease your mind with the knowledge that your book is in our very-capable hands.


Our editors are excellent. Consider some of the fundamental writing topics that we exhaustively cover for you:

·      Misspelled words (everyone has words they can never seem to get right!)

·      Grammar (Grammarly WISHES they were as good as our people!)

·      Punctuation (We’ve got that raging debate about commas versus semicolons covered!)

·      Consistent story lines, plot arcs, and believable characters that walk right off the page.

·      How does the material actually read? Show, don’t tell: a good book reads like water flowing through a garden hose. It’s better if it’s clear too.

·      Word usage can be a real wrestling match at times. We can help straighten that out.

·      Are the sentences run-on or choppy to the point of being a distraction? It’s a common mistake that affects the flow of the story, and we can spot it a mile away.

·      Verb tense inaccuracies are also very common and insidious. They pop up everywhere and are very easy to miss. We like playing Whack-A-Mole with these to eliminate them.


Don’t confuse good editing with copy editing. That’s a whole different level of editing, which includes:

·      Developmental editing

·      Rewriting

·      Critique

Work like rewriting, written critiquing, and developmental editing fall under the heading of copy editing and, as you can imagine, are far more involved. If you need any of these services, please ask us about our highly-skilled copy editing services.